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    National Technical Committee for Standardization of Compressors
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    National Technical Committee for Standardization of Separating Machi-nery
    Technical Subcommittee for Fixed Pressure Vessels of National Standar-dization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels
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    Machinery Industry Technical Com-mittee for Standardization of Mecha-nical Seals
    Machinery Industry Technical Com-mittee for Standardization of Packing and Seals
Machinery Industry Technical Committee for
 Standardization of Mechanical Seals

The Machinery Industry Technical Committee for Standardization of Mechanical Seals was set up in 1986, now it is under the jurisdiction of China Machinery Industry Federation, and its secretariat is kept at Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, it is mainly responsible for the technical administration of standardization of mechanical sealing sector.
Since the establishment of the technical committee for standardization of mechanical seals, under the sponsorship and help of its superior department and the secretariat holding unit, it has earnestly implemented the State guidelines and policies concerning the standardization works, actively conducting drafting and amendment work of industrial standards for mechanical seals, it has organized the drafting of 5 national standards and 41 industrial standards. In 2006, through approval by its superior department, more 6 industrial standards were listed in the standard drafting and amendment plan and at present the plane is under implementation as scheduled. Also, the drafting and amendment plan for other 4 national standards has been submitted to the superior department.

The secretariat of the Standardization Committee earnestly carries out each mission assigned by its superior department, actively organizes the activities of the Standardization Committee, organizes to complete review, re-check, submission to superior department and re-examination, amendment, etc. and organizes the promotion and implementation, training etc. and actively promotes implementation of the standards, thus has made important contribution to the promotion of technical development of mechanical seal sector.

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