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General Office
Department of Human Resources
Department of Assets and Finance
Department of Scientific Research and Management
Department of Quality and Standard
Department of Security
Property Company
Department of Pressure Vessel and Chemical Equipment Engineering
Department of Storage and Transportation&Heat Exchange and Chemical Equipment Engineering
Institute of Refrigeration and Environment Research
Institute of Packaging and Food Machinery
Institute of Petroleum Equipment
Department of Special Equipment Design and Production
Institute of Compressor
Institute of Valve
Institute of Fluid Sealing
Industrial Pump Company
Ventilation Equipment Company
Institute of Filtration and Separation Machinery
Institute of Jet
Department of Editor

• Institutions and Associations

Chinese Fluid Engineering Institution of Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers

Chinese Pressure Vessel Institution of Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers

Technical Committee for Refrigerating Machinery and Equipment of Chinese Association of Refrigeration

• Achievements of Scientific Research

Overview of the Institute's scientific research achievements

• Hefei General Machinery Product Inspection Institute

Hefei General Machinery Product Inspection Institute
• Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Pressure Vessel Inspection Station

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Pressure Vessel Inspection Station
• Joint stock enterprises

Hefei General Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology

Hefei General Special Material Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Hefei Haoke Chemical Equipment Engineering Company

Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co. Ltd.

Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center

Hefei Tongli Engineering Construction Supervision Co. Ltd.

Anhui standards and Books Distribution Company

Hefei Tiangong Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd.

• Scholarly Journal

'Fluid Machinery'

'Pressure Vessel'

'Packaging and Food Machinery'

• Product R & D

Pressure Vessel

Storage and Transportation and Heat Exchange

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Packaging Machinery

Petroleum Equipment

Special Material Equipment



Mechanical seal



Science Popularization exhibits

Filtration and Separation Equipment

High Pressure Water Jet Equipment

Nonmetallic Materials

• Performance in Project Contracting

Spheric Tank Projects and Large-sized Storage and Transportation Equipments

Fuel Oil and Gas Project

Complete Set of Laboratory Equipment

Projects of Automation Control and Computer Application System

Sewage Treatment Projects

Nonstandard Projects


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