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" Packaging and Food Machinery" 

The journal "Packaging and food machinery" is an institutional transaction of Chinese Packaging and Food Engineering Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. It was started in 1983 and a large-scale technical publication edited chiefly by the packaging machinery institute of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute. This journal is a bimonthly with filmset color front cover in sextodecimo and issued publicly at home and abroad. Its domestic united periodical number: CN34-1120/TS and international standard serial number: ISSN1005-1295, its advertising business permit: Wan He Gongshang Guang Zi 0018 and Overseas publishing number: Q4791.

The journal "Packaging and food machinery" mainly reports the contents in such aspect as of R & D and design of packaging and food machinery at home and abroad, packaging technology, technologi -cal equipment, packaging material, food packaging etc., and has opened such columns as expert forum, experimental research, design discussion, technical application, sectorial development, technical overview, experience exchange, standards and codes, supply and demand information, newsletter, information window etc. The aim of this journal is to convey R & D information about packaging and food machinery at home and abroad and promote development of scientific research and production of Chinese packaging and food machinery. This journal features nationwideness, technicallity and practicability, has broad reach and large volume of information content, has published 116 issues, thus has been deeply favored by broad readers.

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