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"Pressure Vessel"

"Pressure vessel" is a large-scale technical publication founded for Chinese pressure vessel sector in 1981, it mainly reports standards and codes, experimental research, material engineering, design calculations, structural analysis, manufacture and installation, technical progress, safety analysis, inspection and repair, use management, experience exchange and technical information etc. related to pressure vessels and their accessories, its aim is to promote the conversion of science and technology to productivity and promote academic exchange and technical progress of pressure vessel sector.

The journal "Pressure vessel" is a monthly in large sextodecimo with 64 pages and 100,000 words in each issue. It is issued publicly at home and abroad, its domestic publishing number: 26-10; and its overseas publishing number: 1529BM.

The former name of "Pressure vessel" is "Overseas pressure vessel", it was founded in 1981 according to the Approval Ke Qing Bian Zi (117) of Chinese Scientific-technical Information Compilation and Pubilcation Committee, its sponsoring unit is Chinese Pressure Vessel Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. In August 1983 It was renamed from "Overseas pressure vessel" to "Pressure vessel" as the official transaction of Chinese Pressure Vessel Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society according to the Approval Guo Ke Fa Tiao Zi 546, its periodical number: CN34-1058/TH, it was officially published in January 1984 and then it was a bimonthly with 96 pages. In May 2000, "Pressure vessel" was approved by the department of publicity of China Association for Science and Technology to be changed from bimonthly to monthly according to the Approval Ke Xie Xuan Fa Zi [2000] 027 and the pages are changed from original 96 to 64. In fact "Pressure vessel" was not a monthly until January 2002.

From the start publication of "Pressure vessel" to May 2006, accumulatively 161 issues in a total of 23 volumes have been published and about 3,367 papers have been published. one issue of supplement containing 108 papers was published. From January 1984 to January 2002, its editor in chief was Deng Liwen and from January 2002 till now its editor in chief is Yue Yang.

For more than 20 years, The journal "Pressure vessel" has invariably been insisting on the journal running policy of combination of technicality and practicability to try to forge it into a sectorial famous periodical, it is a Chinese core journal and Chinese core journal for science and technology. In 2005 it won the first prize at the 5th appraisal of Anhui Province for excellent technical and scientific periodicals.

With the implementation of strategic measures for expediting the development of advanced manufacturing industry, enhancing industrial technical level through independent innovation and walking the road of new style industrialization, the journal "Pressure vessel" will keep on reporting frontier research findings, promote sectorial technical exchange, popularize high-tech products and promote conversion of scientific research achievements, and would like to promote technical progress and development of Chinese pressure vessel sector hand in hand with colleagues of pressure vessel sector all over the country.

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