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"Fluid Machinery"

  "Fluid machinery" is a large-scale technical publication jointly run by Chinese Fluid Engineering Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, second technical committee of Chinese Association of Refrigeration and Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, it mainly reports experimental research, design calculations, product development, manufacturing technology, inspection technology, application technology, fault diagnosis, technical progress, exchange of experience and technical information etc. related to fluid machinery and R & AC sector, its aim is to promote sectorial academic exchange, technological advance, equipment renewal as well as conversion of scientific research achievements to productivity.

"Fluid machinery" started its publication in 1972 and was renamed as "Chemical and general machinery" according to the Approval (73) Yi Ji Qing Zi. 1493 of the First Ministry of Machine Building Industry in 1973, its sponsoring unit is the General Machinery Research Institute of the First Ministry of Machine Building Industry and is limited to domestic distribution. In August 1983 it was renamed as "Fluid Engineering" according to the Approval (83) Guo Ke Fa Tiao Zi 546 of the State Science and Technology Commission and was sponsored by the Chinese Fluid Engineering Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and became an official institutional journal, it is edited and published by the General Machinery Research Institute of Ministry of Machine Building Industry. In 1993 "Fluid Engineering" was renamed as "Fluid Machinery" according to the Approval (93) Guo Ke Fa Xin Zi 014 of the State Science and Technology Commission. In 1994 the State Science and Technology Commission approved the registration place of "Fluid machinery" to be changed from Beijing to Hefei in the document Guo Ke Han [1994] 117 and its number is changed to CN34-1144/TH.

From the start publication of "Fluid machinery" to September 2006, accumulatively 411 issues in a total of 34 volumes have been published and about 5,800 papers have been published. Two issues of supplements were published and 169 papers were published. From June 1972 to March 2000, its editor in chief was Deng Liwen and from April 2001 till now its editor in chief is Song Donglan.

In recent years, the journal "Fluid machinery" keeps pace with the time and insists on innovation and has done a lot of fruitful works around the central task of "creating famous periodical in the sector", it has successively entered the list of the Chinese core journals and Chinese core journals for science and technology, in 2005 it won the first prize at the 5th appraisal activity of Anhui Province on excellent technical and scientific periodicals.

For more than 30 years, the journal "Fluid machinery" has been invariably adhering to the journal running policy of "coexistence of high grade, high quality, theory and applicability", takes "technicality, integrity and instructiveness" as its feature, insists on reporting frontier research findings, promotes sectorial technical exchange; popularizes high-tech products, promotes application of scientific research achievements, exchange experience in production and use and satisfies the need for economic construction; conducts academic exchange at home and abroad and cultivates science and technology personnel, thus has made outstanding contribution to the technical development and technical progress of Chinese fluid machinery and R & AC sector.

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