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Postdoctorate Workstation
Introduction of Postdoctoral Workstation
Introduction of Postdoctoral Workstation

Under the concern, direction and energetic support of the State Ministry of Personnel, China National Machinery Industry Corporation and the government of Anhui Province and Hefei Municipality, the postdoctorate program was officially set up at Hefei General Machinery Research Institute on July 25, 2002. The establishment of the postdoctorate program is a great event of our institute for attracting, owning, making full use of and remaining personnel; indicates that our institute adds one more base for scientific research, and thus has important significance and far-reaching influence for our institute to perfect technical innovation system, build personnel highland, cultivate high-level technical innovation personnel and high-level management personnel, keep the leading position and ability for sustainable and rapid development of our institute in the sector and technology at home and abroad, create first-rate base for scientific research and development of chemical and general machinery and hi-tech industrialization, enhance kernel competitive power and further adapt to the development environment of socialist market economy. It will play a huge driving role.

The postdoctorate program sets up administration committee and scholarship committee under it.

The administration committee is responsible for specific affairs and routine administrative management of the postdoctorate program.

The scholarship committee of the postdoctorate program consists of relevant experts from chemical and general machinery sector and directs the scientific research and development works of postdoctors of the postdoctorate program and attend the academic and working meetings of the program. The scholarship committee has engaged more than 30 doctor tutors or senior engineers at professor rank from more than 20 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions all over the country including two academicians of China Academy of Engineering to direct the work of the postdoctorate program. At the same time, the postdoctorate program actively contacts with universities to introduce excellent doctors to work at the program to promote the development of works among the industries, universities and research institutes. For five years, the postdoctorate program has introduced four doctors from domestic well-known universities such as Zhejiang University, Hefei University of Technology, etc. and has about 20 scientific research projects which are carried out within the program.

At present laboratories and test devices which have been built up and put into service within the postdoctorate program are as follows:

Fluid engineering laboratory, for example, test device for grain chillers, testing and measuring device for air-cooled water chillers, laboratory for R & AC components, test and inspection device for refrigeration household appliances, automatic inspection and data acquisition test bench for air compressors, jet equipment laboratory, test bench for simulation of ship rolling, test device for performance of safety valves, test device for flow resistance and flow capacity of valves, test device for electric actuators of valves, testing laboratory for full performance of mechanical seals and packing and static seals, laboratory for separating machinery, test bench for balance pumps and laboratory for industrial pumps.

Laboratory for chemical equipment and pressure vessels, for example: (burst) test bench for hydraulic pressure vessels, wind tunnel for simulating heat transfer, test bench for water-water heat transfer, test device for combined moderate temperature wind tunnel, laboratory for metallic materials, laboratory for packaging and food machinery, at the same time, there are new laboratories, test devices and test rooms which are under construction, for example, laboratory for nuclear general machinery products, etc., all these laboratories, test devices and test rooms are open to postdoctors and provide necessary conditions for their research work.

The postdoctorate program of our institute is an open institution and enrolls and cultivates high-level personnel from the whole society. Part of development directions for the scientific research projects of the postdoctorate program during the 11th 5-year plan period are as follows:

1. Research on the safety of such pressure-bearing equipment as pressure vessels, pipelines etc. and research on explosion prevention technology.

2. Develop the manufacturing technology of titanium products so as to accommodate the need for the development of nuclear power and seawater desalination;

3. Develop new generation of special storage and transportation equipment, spheric tanks and high strength steel tankers with high volume-to-weight ratio for petrochemical, chemical and industrial gas sector;

4. Develop such products as superking size spheric tanks, pumps, valves etc. and complete technology required for transportation and storage of natural gas;

5. Transform traditional industry as of machinery, pumps and valves with new materials, new process and new technology. For example, use nano materials as the filling material to improve the characteristics of materials for machinery, pumps and valves and increase their service life;

6. Develop general machinery products needed by the armed forces in combination with the demand for development of war industry;

7. Develop complete plant for truck transportation unit of liquefied gas and natural gas;

8. Conduct research and development for the renovation of process pumps, process compressors, fans, separating machinery, valves and heat exchange equipment etc. in the large-scale ethylene plant and large-scale chemical fertilizer plant so as to provide upgraded products for large-scale ethylene plant and large-scale chemical fertilizer plant.

9. Develop unitary complete plant for treatment of "waste water, waste residue and waste gas", for example, complete plant for municipal sewage and aeration unit, complete plant for refuse classification and incineration waste heat recovery unit and complete plant for flue gas desulfurization, etc.;

10. Strengthen information technology exploration, and develop CAD technology, software and computer application technology which matches the compete set of technology for the product and engineering;

11. Strengthen electromechanical integration and develop automatic control technology for system and plant which is compatible with the complete set of technology for the products and engineering;

12. Develop packaging and food machinery and separating machinery with high technical content for substitution of imported goods according to the need of such sector as of light industry foodstuff and biomedicine, etc. for equipment renewal.

Under the condition of socialist market economy, it is a new way out for the development of high-tech enterprises to rely on the advantage of the postdoctorate program and walk the road of new style sectorial combination. Our institute will provide ample research fund and favorable working and living condition for post-doctors to carry out high-level and high-quality key scientific research problem tackling work, expedite conversion of scientific and technical achievements into productivity and make the postdoctorate program of our institute become the cradle for the growth of advanced integrated personnel in science and technology and management.

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