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Fundamental Research Department of Pressure Vessels and Pipeline Technology

The pressure vessel discipline is the technical administrative unit of Chinese pressure vessel sector. It is mainly engaged in experimental research of design and structural strength of pressure vessels and ultrahigh pressure vessels, safety assessment of pressure vessels, application research of fracture mechanics, etc., it has successfully developed such high pressure vessels as wound vessels, multilayer wrapped vessels, multilayer plate wrapped vessels, multilayer shrinkage fit vessels etc. in cooperation with relevant units and drafted the first ¡°code for defect assessment of pressure vessels¡± (CVDA-1984) in China. It is an important constituent part of National Technical Research Center on Safety Engineering of Pressure Vessels and Pipelines and is mainly engaged in research and development of safety guarantee technology for pressure vessels and pipelines.
Contact persons: Jin Weiya, Guan Weihe, Ai Zhibin
Contact phone number: +86 551 5335771  +86 551 5335772
Fax: +86 551 5313745

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