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Joint-stock enterprises
Hefei General Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology
Hefei General Special Material Equip-ment Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Haoke Chemical Equipment En-gineering Company
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center
Hefei Tongli Engineering Construction Supervision Co. Ltd.
Anhui standards and Books Distrib-ution Company
Hefei Tiangong Science and Technol-ogy Development Co. Ltd.
Anhui Standards and Books Distribution Co., Ltd.
Anhui Standards and Books Distribution Co., Ltd. was officially registered in 2000 with Anhui Provincial Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce and was approved by Hefei Municipal Press and Publication Bureau to operate the business as of sales of standards, books, newspapers, periodicals and stationary products and information consulting. It is a solely funded holding company of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute.

The company mainly distributes and sells standards for general machinery in our country and the various relevant standards and books published by publishing houses, including GB (national standard), GJB (national military standard), JB (machinery), HG (chemical industry¡ªchemical equipment and chemical construction), SY (petroleum), SH (petrochemical), DL (electric power), BB (packaging machinery), CB (shipbuilding), JJ (measurement), YS (non-ferrous metallurgy), YB (ferrous metallurgy), and the international standards such as ASTM, ASME, MSS, API, JIS, DIN, etc. Other specialized standards can be ordered.

Address: No.888 West Changjiang Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Tel: 0551-5335754
Fax: 0551-5317872
Postal code: 230031
Email: ahbzgs@sina.com
Website: www.bzts.com

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