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Joint-stock enterprises
Hefei General Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology
Hefei General Special Material Equip-ment Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Haoke Chemical Equipment En-gineering Company
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center
Hefei Tongli Engineering Construction Supervision Co. Ltd.
Anhui standards and Books Distrib-ution Company
Hefei Tiangong Science and Technol-ogy Development Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) is an enterprise for equipment supervision invested and established by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute in 2000, it is an independent organization for equipment supervision and consulting service.

The center is completely equipped with matching specialties, thus can undertake the supervision of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of general petrochemical machinery and equipment such as various types of pressure vessels, oil and gas pipelines, complete plants for cracking, hydrogenation, catalysis and synthesis, refrigeration equipment, compressors, pumps, valves, mechanical seals etc. in the equipments of petroleum and petrochemical industry. The center has accumulated extensive experience in the supervision of large-sized spheric tanks, natural gas gate station projects, hydrocracking plants and special material equipments.

The center boasts a multidiscipline and comprehensive technical team. Its technical specialties cover about 20 specialties such as chemical process machinery, chemical equipment integration, pressure vessel, welding, engineering material, nondestructive examination, heat exchange equipment, R & AC, compressor, pump, valve, packaging machinery, machine manufacturing, machine manufacture process and equipment, mining machine, hoisting and handling machinery and engineering machinery, industrial automation, water treatment, etc.

In recent years, by applying its own advanced technical achievements in the aspect of inspection and examination, the center has completed a lot of supervision and service works of such important petrochemical equipment and fuel gas equipment as catalytic cracking equipment, hydrogenation equipment, ethylene equipment, fertilizer equipment, chemical equipment, large-sized oil and gas storage spheric tanks, oil and gas delivery pipelines, gas source terminal yard, etc., and equipment such as various types of pumps, valves, compressors, etc.

As our country is speeding up the development of advanced manufacturing industry and enhances the level of the industrial technology through independent innovation and implements the strategic measures for walking a road of new style industrialization, the center will continuously make untiring exploration in the field of equipment supervision, strengthen the capability construction, improve the service level so as to provide customers with impartial, scientific and high-quality equipment supervision service.

Address: No.888 West Changjiang Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Postal code: 230031
Contact persons: Wang Baocheng, Nie Yingxin
Fax: 0551-5313745, 5312185
Tel: 0551-5335510, 5335660

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