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Joint-stock enterprises
Hefei General Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology
Hefei General Special Material Equip-ment Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Haoke Chemical Equipment En-gineering Company
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center
Hefei Tongli Engineering Construction Supervision Co. Ltd.
Anhui standards and Books Distrib-ution Company
Hefei Tiangong Science and Technol-ogy Development Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co., Ltd.
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, it mainly produces suction and exhaust valve plates for compressors for automobile air conditioners, household air conditioners, refrigerators, automobile braking pumps, air compressors and semi-hermetic and hermetic industrial refrigerating compressors.

The company adopts the internationally accepted high-quality valve plate steel produced by Sweden SANDVIK as the raw material of its valve plates and adopts advanced processing technology and process, through years of key technical problem tackling, its valve plates have reached the level of imported valve plates both in geometric accuracy and the appearance quality control.

Now the company possesses 63T, 40T, 25T, 16T punching machines and 33 units of various types of tumbling equipment including digital display variable speed tumbling machines, etc., therefore, the company owns complete inspection means. Also, the company can assist customers in development and trial-manufacture of new products according to customer's requirements.

At present, the company has developed and produced hundreds of valve plate varieties. The company's sales range covers compressors for automobile air conditioners of tens of domestic enterprises, for example, Chunlan Group Corporation, Dalian Sanyo Co., Ltd., Shenyang Copeland Co., Ltd., Xi'an Qing'an Co., Ltd., Mudanjiang Automobile Air conditioning Company, Chongqing Construction Group, Nanjing Aotecar Refrigerating Co., Ltd., etc. Besides, the company's products are exported to America and Singapore, etc. and obtained favorable comments from customers both at home and abroad.

Tel: 0551-5335630, 5310568, 5316138, 5335538
Fax: 0551-5310568, 5313858
Postal code: 230031
Email: td@hftiande.com
Website: www.hftiande.com.hftyxy.com

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