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Joint-stock enterprises
Hefei General Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology
Hefei General Special Material Equip-ment Co.,Ltd.
Hefei Haoke Chemical Equipment En-gineering Company
Hefei Tiande Compressor Accessories Co. Ltd.
Hefei Tong'an Engineering Machinery and Equipment Supervision Center
Hefei Tongli Engineering Construction Supervision Co. Ltd.
Anhui standards and Books Distrib-ution Company
Hefei Tiangong Science and Technol-ogy Development Co. Ltd.
Hefei General Special Material Equipment Co., Ltd.
In 2005, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the "project for industrialization of special material equipments for large-scale petrochemical plants" applied by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, and offered 32 million Yuan (RMB) discount loan to establish a base for research, development and processing of special material equipments. In December of the same year, after approval by China National Machinery Industry Corporation, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute officially set up the joint-stock company¡ªHefei General Special Material Equipment Co., Ltd.

By Relying on the achievements in design, manufacture, inspection technology and scientific research achievements of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute in the aspect of duplex steel, super stainless steel, nickel base alloy, zirconium, tantalum, clad plate equipment, etc., the company mainly undertakes manufacture, design, technical development and technical service of equipments of special materials such as stainless steel, duplex steel, super stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, zirconium, clad plates, etc.

Now there are about 100 employees in the company, including 25 research personnel specializing in the design and manufacturing technology of special material pressure vessels, and among them 5 persons are senior engineers at professor rank, 10 persons are senior engineers and 10 persons are engineers. 21 persons are welders with certificates, among whom two are welding technicians.

Equipment is manufactured in the totally enclosed dust-free workshop. The company possesses such equipment as underwater plasma automatic cutting machine, edge milling machine, hydraulic plate-shearing machine, plate bending machine, NC four-axis drilling machine, dual-purpose welding machine for automatic plasma welding and argon arc welding, automatic submerged-arc welding machine, automatic rotary argon arc welding machine for welding between tube and tubesheet, hydraulic pipe expanding machine, detection apparatus and heat treatment devices, etc.

The company is planned to be built up in two stages, the first stage has been completed and achieved a production capacity of 1000T/year and an annual value of production of 150 Million RMB Yuan. In the second-stage project, 20000m2 manufacture workshop will be built up, and the productive capacity can reach 500 Million RMB Yuan per year.

With the acceleration of advanced manufacturing industry in China and enhancement of the industrial technical level through independent innovation and the implementation of strategic means of walking a road of new style industrialization, we will arouse our all efforts to pioneer, take vitalizing Chinese manufacturing industry of special material equipment as our mission and provide customers with high-quality products and technical services.

Address: No.888 West Changjiang Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Tel: 0551-5335811, 5335520, 5335412
Fax: 0551-5335817
Postal code: 230031
Contact persons: Chen Mingjian, Chen Yongdong, Chen Heliang, Cui Jun

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