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Engineering Center
Engineering Center Introduced
National Safety Engineering Technology Research Center
 for Pressure Vessels and Pipelines

The National Technical Research Center on Safety Engineering of Pressure Vessels and Pipelines was approved to be set up by the State Ministry of Science and Technology in 2003. It mainly involves itself in the research on common fundamental technology, manufacturing quality assurance technology and in-service safety assurance technology in the aspect of safety of pressure vessels and pipelines, and provides open type service in the form of engineering development task, achievement dissemination, cooperative study, personnel training and consulting service as well as international cooperation etc.
The center obtained a series of scientific research achievements in the aspect of structural integrity assessment of defect-containing pressure vessels, actively cooperates with domestic relevant units to quickly popularize the application of such achievements and has solved numerous engineering roadblocks for the State and enterprises.
The inspection and detection of pressure vessels and pipelines is always the important research direction in the field of pressure vessels. For a number of years, the center has conducted fruitful research works on the inspection of in-fabrication, in-service and online pressure vessels and pipelines and has obtained a lot of technical achievements and experience in engineering applications.

The center conducts research in the field of new materials, new processes etc. of pressure vessels, pipelines and valves and has obtained a batch of scientific research achievements. The center took charge of or participated in preparation of and examined a lot of standards and codes concerning pressure vessels, pipelines and valves.

The center's construction is steadily going on as scheduled in the aspect of scientific research and development and social share. Works as of laboratory planning, type selection of experimental equipment etc. have all achieved substantial progress. It extensively unfolds domestic and international technical exchange activities, has organized tens of technical exchange meetings with domestic petroleum and petrochemical enterprises and foreign scientific institutions, thus has expanded its influence and promoted the construction of the center.

The center possesses 12 laboratories as for structural strength of pressure vessels, 600T wide-plate testing, nondestructive examination, corrosion protection of high corrosion resistance material, stress corrosion of material, mechanical property of material, metallographic test of material, thermal performance of heat exchange equipment, welding technology etc.

Address: 888 West Changjiang Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Postal code: 230031
Contact phone: 0551-5335731, 5335771
Fax: 0551-5312185

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